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Fiction and Nonfiction Book Collection at Mann Middle Scholl

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Page updated: October 22 2021

There are two types of books in our collection (Nonfiction and Fiction). Come to the library and browse the library shelves. The library staff is here to assist students in finding that "just right" book. Head over to the check-out counter after you select your book.

Browsing our Library Shelves:

Lunch time is the perfect time to check out library books.

With a pass from a teacher, students may come to the library during class time.

Check Out Process:

Once you have chosen a book, walk over to the Check-Out Counter.

You will need your student school identification number.

Remember: you can check out two books at a time, if you need more time, come and let me know and you can hold onto it for two more weeks.

Two Types of Books (Nonfiction Books and Fiction Books):

Nonfiction Book - Based on something that really happened tells a true story which includes lots of drama and interesting events of the character(s). These books are located in the large multi-use room of the library.

Fiction Book - A wide variety of stories written based on someone's imagination. These books are located in the main library area.

  • Finding a Nonfiction Book in the Library:

Our collection is first shelved in numerical order according to the Dewey number system which is divided into 10 groups numbered between 000 - 999.

Secondly in alphabetical order by the author's last name.

Each book has a spine label with the group number and the author's last name.

  • Nonfiction Dewey numbering system (how books are located on the shelves):

000-099, General Works: Encyclopedias, Almanacs, Record Books such as Guinness, and Computer Information

100-199, Philosophy and Psychology: Paranormal Phenomena such as Ghosts, and Ethics- generally how we think

200-299, Religion: Mythology, and Religions

300-399, Social Science: Government, Holidays, Folklore, Fairy Tales, Education, and Community

400-499, Language: English & Foreign Languages, Sign Languages, and Dictionaries

500-599, Natural Science: Math, Chemistry, Biology, Weather, Rocks, Plants, and Animals in Nature

600-699, Applied Science: Inventions, Health, Drugs, Transportation, Cooking, and Pets

700-799, Fine Arts and Recreation: Crafts, Art, Drawing, Painting, Music, Games, TV, Movies, and Sports

800-899, Literature: Short Stories, Fiction, Poetry, Plays, Jokes, and Riddles

900-999, History and Geography: Countries, Flags, Historical Events, and Biographies

  • Finding a Fiction Book in the Library:

Fiction Numbering System -- Our collection of fiction books is listed in alphabetical order.

You will find these books are shelved by the author's last name.

These books have a label on the spine of the book with the authors first three initials of their last name.

For example, the Twilight book written by Stephanie Meyers, or whose last name starts with "m" would be found in the books written by authors with the last name of "M".

You would find this book with a spine label with (FIC MEY).

  • Choosing a Book Online:

Our library database is also found online at


Click on Middle Schools.

Select Mann Middle School.

Click on the "Catalog" tab on the top of the webpage.

Type in the book title, author's name, or a keyword of the book subject.

You will find the number of copies available if the book is part of our collection.

Then come into the library to find your book, and check it out.


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