Responsibility of Books

Library, Mann Middle School

Patricia Raczka, School Site Library Technician II 

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Page updated: October 22, 2020 

After you have checked out a book from the library it is under your protection. Be sure to take care of it, keeping it safe on your home desk or in your closet. Keeping them under your bed is not a good idea if you have pets that can chew on them. Talk with your parents about the best place to keep your books while they are in your possession.

To find out information on the book you checked out, go to SDUSD’s Destiny at Select Mann Middle School.

For full details on how to use Destiny, check out this webpage:

Lost or Damaged Books: If your book gets damaged you may be charged for the repair. If it is damaged beyond repair, then you will be charged the full cost of the book. Your parents may be able to find the same book at a book retailer/store. If they cannot find the same book, they can pay for the cost of the book by paying for it at the financial office at Mann Middle School (cash only).

Another way to pay for the cost of a book is to work in the library. You can work in the library to repay the library for a book.  Please contact me and we will figure out a time and day for you to work and repay the cost of the book.

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